6 thoughts on “From a Junior Executive to GM Finance, how performance drew my growth chart at Apeejay

  1. Dear Kaushik, I am extremely happy for you for having achieved this tremendous personal growth within the organization that you have been a part of for over two decades. I was a colleague during a very small part of this journey and I am proud of you by association. Take care and hope to see you reach even greater heights.

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  2. Sir, I’m a teacher in a High School located in a remote area of 24 Pgs (S). Last yr I attended a prgm at RMIC, Golpark. It was a nice presentation organised by your group in the blessed presence of Swamis from Golpark & Advaita Ashrama.
    As this year is remarkable for 125th year Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago Addresses, we would like to celebrate in a grand manner by organising a Symbolic Marathon from Narendrapur to Golpark on 12.01.2019.
    Our earnest request to you to stretch your helping hand for this noble effort as a social responsibility. Thank u.


  3. Nice piece of article. Its truly inspiring to see the rise to glory from grassroot level. proud to say, I too have a bit of association with Typhoo Tea Limited as your institutional sales Distributor based in Bangalore. Wishing you greater days ahead of you. (SolutionsConnect)


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