Remembering the Queen of Bay of Bengal, Akhil of Apeejay Shipping


By Ranganathan Narasimhan and Renu Kakkar

Our vessel APJ Akhil was “beached” recently and the occasion brought out remembrance with fondness of the nearly three-decade long service the vessel rendered to our company Apeejay Shipping.

In numbers, the vessel ran for 1,18,992 hours, covered 1.427 Million nautical miles and provided livelihood and careers to hundreds and brought prosperity to many families, not to forget the steady earnings she returned over the entire period of service to the company. She created new opportunities and at times gave hope when none was present. She was a born leader, an outstanding performer who engendered envy, love and pride – all at the same time.

2Christened as Akhil by our ex-Chairman Mr. Surrendra Paul (first from left) and Chairperson Emeritus Mrs. Shirin Paul (second from left) and delivered in 1989, APJ Akhil wasn’t a sentient being technically but given the emotions that have gripped…

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One thought on “Remembering the Queen of Bay of Bengal, Akhil of Apeejay Shipping

  1. When I started my carrier in shipping apj akhil was first ship visited and first ship Ops I took as management trainee . a fond memory still cherish same the trip from Haldia vizag Tuticorin rigorous use of Crain but like queen she was ruling the waves of ocean


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