Creating a barrier free design for universal accessibility at Apeejay School

Apeejay School Bhubaneswar, with a barrier free design for universal accessibility, opened on April 3, 2017. Administrator & Principal Rita Chatterjee writes on why Inclusion is a way of life at Apeejay Schools.


By Rita Chatterjee

What is inclusion? Why do we discuss about inclusion so much these days? Why has the world opened up to inclusive practices and inclusive ideologies so vehemently in the recent past? Is it not suggestive that we, as a human race, as a civilized society have been practising exclusion exclusively?

The quest for perfection is a utopian ideology which has travelled through different phases of human history. This elusive, unachievable quest is chased like the “Sinking Star”, though it is an irredeemable battle that everyone is fighting for without any conclusive result, for centuries. However, in this quest we often forget those comrades, who remain at the periphery and remind us of the reality that this human life is not perfect but to attribute a sense of completeness and contentment in all imperfections. It is the need of the hour to accept our imperfect ways of dealing with…

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